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Are you looking forward to a sound financial position? Lendtree is your solution to everything financial. Our platform works in the best interest of both the lender/investors and borrowers as it allows bridging the gap between the two. Lendtree provides a number of beneficial opportunities for the lenders to invest and the borrowers to get the easiest loans possible.

How to Become Borrower

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How to Invest Here

Helping Small Businesses

Several businesses and new projects are benefitting from our quick loans and best interest rates. Are you one of them?

Happy Customers

Active Borrowers on Our Platform

Borrowers can benefit from our well-thought-after plans that not only secure the present, but pave way for a sound financial future.

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Why Borrow at Lendtree

Borrowing is no more a stigma. We make borrowers stand out as they can avail several benefits from getting their desired loans.

Low Interst Rate

Borrowers can get P2P loans at attractive interest rates as we go beyond CIBIL and assess their profile based on 40+ parameters using our proprietary credit score model.

Quick and Hassle Free

Forget about undergoing an extensive loan process or running after the lenders. We connect you with best investors through a quick process that provides you instant loan sanctions.

No Prepayment Penalty

Now get loans free of a prepayment penalty clause! This allows you to pay off your loan before the set time limit, giving you access to an easy and favourable loan return module.

Funding in a Few Days

You heard us right! We are not talking of weeks and months here but few days in which your loan will reflect in your account. It’s time to set up your new business or expand your existing one.

Why Invest at Lendtree

Become an investor with Lendtree to give your monetary savings a boost and explore areas of high returns and profits.

High Returns

For any investor, getting good returns is a must. At Lendtree we focus on this aspect and ensure that every investment you make will reap quality returns for further investment scope.

Secure Network

All the investors at Lendtree are connected to respective borrowers after complete verification. We work in your best interest and have a skilled team that looks into all the paperwork.

Hassle Free Re-Payment

Once you have made an investment, you can simple relax and let the process follow! Returns in the form of fixed monthly instalments will keep coming to your account without fail.

Expert Assistance

Managing your money can be the biggest hurdle in today’s time. But with Lendtree’s financial assistance, you will be guided towards the most sought after investment plans.

Meet Our Lendtree

It is through the vision of our founding team that Lendtree has secured a sound market presence today.

What Our Customers Think About Us

By providing reliable and efficient services, Lendtree has built a wide network of borrowers and lenders. This is what they have to say.

I was introduced to Lendtree at a time of financial crises. My business was in a bad state and I had no means to get the required financial assistance. The little savings that I had were sitting in the bank and I didn’t know how to go about the situation. It was then when I registered with Lendtree and they helped me scale my savings and invest in profitable plans.

Boris Hunt(Sales Agent)

I have been associated with Lendtree funding for the past three months. It has been a pleasure working with the Lendtree team till now. The response for each and every doubt or clarification I have had till now has been cleared by the team immediately. The borrower's quality also seems to be good. As a whole, it has been a pleasant experience so far.

Boris Hunt(Sales Agent)

  • I joined Lendtree as a borrower. Trust me this is the best way to get personal loans. The loan reflected in my account from days of application and to my surprise!

    I was blown away by the efficiency of the team and the way the process worked. The loan really helped me and now I have paid it off.

    Boris Hunt(Sales Agent)

  • More than the process, I appreciate the constant support of the team at Lendtree. They have helped me with all my financial investments.

    Boris Hunt(Sales Agent)

  • I recommend Lendtree to all those who wish to increase their savings. Lendtree guides you towards best investment plans in a hassle free manner.

    All the investments can be made using Lendtree’s quick registration process and it connects you with the desired borrower. Yes, it is that easy

    Boris Hunt(Sales Agent)

  • Lendtree changed my opinion about online financial platforms. It is the most secure channel and I find it better than offline mediums.

    Boris Hunt(Sales Agent)

  • I wanted a personal loan in the best time possible for a business project. Tired of waiting in long queues and going through endless formalities, I thought of giving Lendtree a shot.

    Boris Hunt(Sales Agent)

  • I wanted a personal loan in the best time possible for a business project. Tired of waiting in long queues and going through endless formalities, I thought of giving Lendtree a shot.

    It worked miraculously for me and in my favour. The repayment of loan is the best aspect and keeps your stress free.

    Boris Hunt(Sales Agent)

  • As an investor with Lendtree, I have managed to help small businesses and double my savings at a very profitable rate.

    Boris Hunt(Sales Agent)

  • Applying for a personal loan has never been this easy. I thank the efficient team of Lendtree to provide such a spectacular medium.

    Boris Hunt(Sales Agent)

  • The best part about Lendtree is that you can pay off the loans without any pre payment fee. This helps you save a great deal of money and time.

    Boris Hunt(Sales Agent)

  • Lendtree is a multidimensional service provider that helps you manage your finances. Whether you register as a borrower or lender, you will gain hugely.

    Boris Hunt(Sales Agent)

  • My association with Lendtree has been very satisfying. I have secured a sound financial standing and can now help other businesses as a reliable investor.

    Boris Hunt(Sales Agent)

  • Platforms like Lendtree reflect how a single idea can bring together such a big change. It has come as a big relief to me and my company on the whole.

    Boris Hunt(Sales Agent)


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